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2019-2020 Staff

Arianna Marcey

Staff Writer

Arianna Marcey, a sophmore, is a photography and profile writer. This is her first year taking journalism. She is very interested in arts and writing. This journalism class has taught her many things that she will now bring into he...

Grace Kelleher

Staff Writer

Grace Kelleher is a senior at FHS. She covers the performing arts and entertainment. Grace is also one of the social media coordinators for The Compass. She likes to spend time with her friends and discover new music. She's a ...

Melanie Rosenblatt

Staff Writer

Melanie Rosenblatt is a senior at Falmouth High School. She focuses on arts and entertainment along with photography. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, skiing, and listening to music.  Melanie has always enjoyed writing, so ...

Maria Curelli

Staff Writer

Maria Curelli is a sophomore at Falmouth High School. She writes editorials and profiles for The Compass. She enjoys art, music, skiing, and sports. She joined journalism to learn about how writers apply their skills in the r...

Nolan Frye

Staff Writer

Nolan Frye is a sophomore at Falmouth High School. He writes about sports and makes polls. Nolan also enjoys playing sports like baseball, basketball, and football. He also likes hanging out with his friends.  It's his first y...

Madison Methe

Staff Writer

Madison is in grade 12 and she writes profiles and covers FHS Clubs. She enjoys coloring and watching funny Tik Toks. She wants to be a Instagram star and have her own merchandise she can sell to make money for a living....

Maryann McCarthy

Staff Writer

Maryann McCarthy is a junior at Falmouth High School. She enjoys taking pictures and writes about clubs and organizations. She also creates polls for The Compass. This is her second year in journalism and she is hoping to apply...

Zaria Cain-Williams

Staff Writer

Zaria Cain-Williams is a senior at Falmouth High School. She has participated in many school events and clubs regarding writing, poetry slams, and the arts; therefore Journalism was an easy decision for Zaria to choose as one of h...

Graham Grant

Staff Writer

Graham Grant is a junior here at FHS. He writes sports journalism and produces podcasts. He enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends, and listening to music. This is Graham’s first year taking journalism. ...

Bryan Foley

Staff Writer

Bryan is a three year veteran of Falmouth High School’s journalism program, where he writes profiles and produces podcasts for The Compass.  Bryan is also on the Varsity Baseball Team and is the Falmouth Community Television pl...

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